Air Wisconsin Pilot Agreement

Another long-awaited item gives drivers the ability to view routes and pairs in the company`s CrewTrac planning system. This transparency should make it easier to resolve pilot planning issues and determine how the company can improve its procedures. Career guidance is extremely important for today`s professional pilots; In particular, in February 2018, Air Wisconsin became an exclusive airline of United Airlines through a long-term capacity purchase agreement with United Airlines. This exclusive relationship provides Air Wisconsin pilots with a clearly defined access to the United Mainline flight deck via the United Aviate program. This is an exciting program that offers potential and current Air Wisconsin pilots an unparalleled opportunity to become pilots of United Airlines and the largest fleet of wide-body aircraft in North America. Air Wisconsin expects to hire 300 pilots in 2020 as it continues to expand its ranks of professional pilots while supporting the United Mainline Aviate program. For more information, see All pilots receive iPads for all flight manuals and navigation data Pilots and the company have been in federal mediation for years, and Nesbitt said the lengthy negotiation process shows both the pros and cons of mediation. “Of course, we had to regroup after every interim agreement rejected, but I have to attribute the tenacity of Jim Mackenzie, our mediator mandated by the National Mediation Board. With his help, the parties finally came back to the table and reached an agreement that was ratifiable,” said Mr. Nesbitt. The market is changing rapidly, the sector is in full swing and competition in the pilot labour market is expanding. It is time for Air Wisconsin to recognize these new realities and come back to the table with an agreement for its current and future pilots,” Suhs concluded. The end of U.S.

Army pilot training and ALPA`s long-running contract negotiation ended in November 2019, when Air Wisconsin Airlines pilots ratified a new collective agreement after nearly a decade at the negotiating table. APPLETON, Wis., November 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Air Wisconsin Airlines announced yesterday that its pilots, represented by the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA), have overwhelmingly ratified a new three-year extension of the collective agreement. The agreement will be implemented in the coming months, in coordination with ALPA, while some provisions, including an initial wage increase, will come into force immediately.