Gpo Participation Agreement

(d) members` representations. For the duration of this agreement, the member agrees: (i) to comply with all the terms of this agreement, (ii) to comply with all standard operating procedures and policies of Afaxys GPO Services, defined and enforced from time to time and made available to the member or published on the Afaxys GPO services website: (iii) comply with all the terms of the supplier`s contracts (and all local supplements or other contracts between the member and the supplier or a third party with respect to supplier contracts) that comply with the member`s obligations under applicable legislation, including, but not limited to payment conditions, qualification requirements, its own usage requirements , rules of liability and arbitration procedures, (iv) to remain duly authorized under state law to participate in the member`s activity. certified for participation in Medicare and Medicaid programs; (v) comply with all applicable laws of its implementation under this agreement; and (vi) to make separate agreements or confirmations, as requested by Afaxys GPO Services or a specific supplier, which seeks the member`s approval to comply with the terms of the respective supplier contracts. This may require a critical review of where the purpose of the group directive may collect royalties and expected needs over the duration of the agreement. The objective should be to include as many service charges, technology royalties, advice and EDI as possible in the retention of OPG administrative costs. Hospitals and service providers generally lose sight of the need for administrative fees retained by the OPG to cover the basic components of OPG participation, including many of the positions currently identified on the map. Afaxys GPO Services negotiates and enters into supplier contracts on behalf of the Member, which allow it to acquire on a non-exclusive basis (i) products and services available for use by the member under these supplier contracts and/or (ii) to participate in other CMOs or agreements under which the member may have access to services or the purchase of products and services from suppliers with which Afaxys GPO Services does not have a contract. The member authorizes Afaxys GPO Services, the member`s authorized representative and on its behalf, (i) to negotiate and conclude the terms of supplier contracts and to terminate, modify or modify supplier contracts, as far as necessary, timely or appropriate; (ii) to obtain information on the purchase of products and services in connection with supplier-by-member contracts by suppliers, third-party organizations, including other GINA CEDCS, distributors and e-commerce companies, and (iii) to participate in all administrative and other costs arising from purchases made by members under a supplier contract. With the exception of a contractual relationship that the Member has with a supplier and communicated in writing to Afaxys GPO Services prior to the entry into force of this Agreement, Member does not enter into direct contractual agreements or other relationships with suppliers, with the exception of a local supplement or other ancillary supplier support agreement in which Afaxys GPO Services has a supplier contract without prior written authorization from Afaxys GPO Services.