Loss Sharing Agreement

(vi) Payments made by the beneficiary under this shared loss commercial agreement are administrative costs borne by the recipient. To the extent that the recipient requires shared loss payment credits related to this shared business loss agreement, the recipient of the FDIC, in his ability as a business, solicits funds under the master and security loan contract as amended (“MLSA”). The recipient will not approve any changes to the MLSA that would prevent the recipient from using MLSA to fund payments with shared losses. “New shared loss loans” are loans that would otherwise be subject to loss participation under this shared loss trade agreement, made after January 15, 2010 and prior to the bank`s close. “OTTI adjustment,” any other temporary impairment of stock loss securities, determined in accordance with FAS 115 and expressed in positive numbers, or any resolution other than temporary impairment expressed in negative numbers (to avoid doubts, normal and normal market changes resulting from the application of fair value calculation are not eligible for loss-sharing payments). This loss-sharing expense agreement for certain credits and other assets (the Commercial Shared-Loss Agreement) applies when the acquiring institution acquires shared loss assets, as defined in that term. The terms of this contract amend and complement, if applicable, the terms of the purchase and acceptance agreement to which this shared loss commercial agreement is attached and included in Appendix 4.15B. To the extent that inconsistencies may arise between the terms of the purchase and acceptance agreement and the trade agreement on shared losses relating to the purpose of this shared loss trade agreement, the terms of this shared commercial loss agreement are controlled. References made in this shared loss trade agreement to a specific section refer to a section of that shared loss trade agreement, unless the context specifies only part of the purchase and acceptance agreement. “Intrinsic Loss Estimate” refers to total losses under the common loss agreements of one billion five hundred thousand dollars and no cents (1,500,000,000.00).

– A quarterly list of assets with guaranteed losses 2.4 holdings. Notwithstanding the other provisions of this article, the recipient may, on instruction from the Director (or Desatorse) of the Corporation153s Division of Resolutions and Receiverships, withhold payment for all amounts contained in a quarterly certificate provided in accordance with Section 2.1, if, in his judgment, there is an appropriate basis under this Shared Loss Agreement to refuse the qualification of a position that is the subject of a claim for reimbursement or payment in accordance with this section. In this case, the recipient sends a written notification to the receiving institution explaining the reasons for not summarizing the payment. If, to the satisfaction of the recipient, the recipient institution explains that the reasons for such withholding or part of the payment no longer exist or have been cured, the recipient pays the recipient institution, within fifteen (15) working days, the amount retained by the beneficiary. In the event that the recipient recipient or institution wishes to submit the question of the admissibility of the item to be reimbursed or paid at the disposal of the dispute resolution procedure in accordance with Section 2.1 (f), the recipient (during the period taken into account) (15) pays the business days from the date on which the dispute is withheld (as far as it is agreed) (as far as the dispute is set by (ii) when the dispute is settled by a jury`s decision, the recipient pays the amount withheld (to the specified extent) (c) limiting the payment of shared losses.