Collaboration Agreement India Sample

iv If the Parties mutually agree to terminate this Agreement. Note: This is only the part of the agreement. To be fully designed by legal experts, please contact Aapka Consultant`s team of experts by clicking here Have you ever experienced doing a group project alone because your group colleagues are not responsible enough to take their share of the task? It`s frustrating, isn`t it? When you put yourself in these situations, you really wonder why these other people do not have a sense of accountability. Fortunately, if you are already on the staff, there are possible legal ways to establish a partnership and hold people to account. If you work with other professionals and organizations, you can enter into business cooperation agreements to ensure the liability of both parties. As most people know, Steve Jobs kept Apple Inc in the lead when it was known around the world. But his overall success and fame was an idea of two Steves – Jobs and Wozniak. Jobs was the visionary, and Wozniak was often seen as the shy genius who designed and made Apple`s first computer models that boosted their business. Since then, Apple has updated innovative products that have made it one of the most valuable companies to date. It has become a well-known name. Their collaboration has given birth to a business empire that, almost every year, updates new products. Jobs was a visionary and his influence has long made him the face of the company.

His attitude complemented Wozniak`s ingenious but timid attitude. Despite their differences, they were able to produce and market their products. 28. For the next part, the contract should indicate the terms and responsibilities of each party for the success of the partnership. Ideally, there are sections for each part with a list that contains the main tasks for each part. This list is also used to draw the attention of other parties to the contributions of the other. Since this section contains the list of responsibilities of each party, it also defines its parameters. Setting limits will allow all parties involved to focus on their share of the work and do their best. Joint efforts can be as easy as agreeing to work together to finish and produce a song or publish a book. It can also be as revolutionary as innovative new technologies that have helped shape a new generation. .