Santander Agreement In Principle

In principle, if you want to get a mortgage from Santander, you should also consider the many public programs for first-time buyers and home movers that can help you access property managers. You must apply to obtain a mortgage in principle. It is important that you give truthful information, because if you give inaccurate information and get a mortgage from Santander, there is in principle no guarantee that you will actually receive a mortgage offer, and it is even more likely, if not certain, that everything done on your mortgage file will be verified before Santander offers you a mortgage offer. Media inquiriesMiranda Seymour T: 020 7756 4189 M: 07860 857999 E: Cecilia Cran T: 020 7756 4209 M: 07789 651947 E: To get a Santander mortgage, Basically, you need a large number of documents There are many other reasons why a Santander mortgage can in principle be withdrawn or does not necessarily serve as a complete guarantee, that you can get a mortgage from Santander. In principle, a Santander mortgage or Santander decision is essentially a confirmation from Santander that it can lend you based on the information you have just provided to them. It will also indicate the amount that Santander could lend you. When a mortgage loan agreement (AIP) is filed, Santander checks an applicant`s credit information and performs a search. This data is kept and is valid for sixty days.